Prayer – Part 5

16 Nov

I was doing some computer clean up today and renaming some files for consistency.  I wanted to be able to find them easier using search on a key word.  In order to rename, several needed to be opened and reviewed.  As I was doing this, I was privileged to re-read and re-pray several prayers that had touched my heart in the past.

Some were from specific Facebook, Blog, or Websites I frequent or subscribe too.  These are attributed.  Some were prayers I had written in the past and overlay onto beautiful scenery.  Some prayers were written by authors I read and respect or extracted from books by others, and were correctly attributed.  Some were historical prayers from past Christians, upon whose shoulders we all stand.  Some were source unknown.

The important thing to me was this:  each one touched my heart in some way.  I was amazed to look up and find that several hours had passed in this activity.  Here’s the question – was this computer work, or was this significant time in prayer?  My thoughts at this point are both.

Here is an example:  PleaseCalmMePrayer

Sometimes, we are unable to put our prayers into words.  When this happens to me, I find praying through the prayers of others (such as above) can still my heart.  It can align my thoughts and heart with God.  Praying with written prayers, can draw me still closer to God; it can lift my spirit; it can expand my reality.  Praying with others can grow our compassion and love for others.  Even when we are “reading” a written prayer, and not saying a “spontaneous” prayer, we can BE spontaneous in our prayers to Almighty God.

Just a thought.  I’d love to know what you think.  Leave me a comment.  Have you found written prayers useful?  If so, how?

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