New Year’s 2013

2 Jan

I do not make New Year’s resolutions as such. I think, I pray, I goal set. This is not the only time for me to reflect. I do however often the it is the only time many Christian’s look back more than forward. I chose to look forward. In fall of 2012 at a church seminar, they provided me with a name for what I’ve been doing for years. It’s Christian goal setting. It’s making a plan for intentional growth in the Lord. Not just sliding reactively through our journey, but setting a theme verse for the year, an idea of focus which you work on the entire year, and then setting sub-goals or specific SMART goals on how to achieve what you desire. Of course prayer preceded, accompanies, and follows you throughout the year. I have found that focusing on intentional growth in my spiritual journey keeps me from growing complacent, lazy or stagnant. And as you walk the path toward the goals you have set – specifically for Christian growth – and specifically for ALL roles and areas of your life, our indulgent heavenly Father is gracious in guiding, adapting and refining the plan as the year goes on. Do I always achieve every goal – no. But does it help me focus by making a firm commitment to God (after listening in prayer to His leading) – Yes. Try it. Ask me questions. Watch how God works in your life to conform you more to the image of Christ.

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